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  • Devon Performing Arts Festival
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 10 Mar 2024
    Devon Performing Arts Festival
    We had a wonderful afternoon performing at Devon Performing Arts Festival on Saturday where we sang our hearts out with songs across the decades. What a wonderful sound we made and what a fabulous group of ladies in the chorus.

    The competition is such a great opportunity to meet up with fellow choruses and support each other in the wonderful world of singing.

    A great time was had by all.
  • Fundraising at Tescos
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 12 Dec 2023
    Fundraising at Tescos
    Wonderful time at Tescos who made us feel so welcome. One of our biggest fundraising events of the year. What fun we had!
  • Christmas Party
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 12 Dec 2023
    Christmas Party
    The Christmas Party is always a riot of fun! here we are at the end of the night about to sing. Oh how we enjoyed ourselves!
  • First Christmas sing out
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 7 Dec 2023
    First Christmas sing out
    First Sing Out for 2023 at Waterstones in Exeter where we were collecting for the Exeter Leukaemia Fund which supports so many people in and around the area. It really felt like Christmas had begun.
  • Charity Car Park
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 2 Oct 2023
    Charity Car Park
    We were so lucky with the weather on Sunday when we manned the charity car park in Exeter. The car park is in Barnfield Crescent and is manned by charities and their fundraisers at the weekend so that they can raise money for their cause. Last Sunday was River City's opportunity to raise money for the Exeter Leukaemia Fund.

    It's always a great opportunity to get together outside of rehearsals, meet the public and raise money for our chosen charity. A good time was had by all.
  • Move to new rehearsal venue
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 25 Sep 2023
    Move to new rehearsal venue
    We moved to our new rehearsal venue at Trinity C of E primary school on the Topsham side of Exeter a couple of weeks ago. We're settling in well and are enjoying all the facilities. Here are some of us  trying out the staging which is going to be put to full use when we give our first performance; perhaps to some of the staff and parents!

    Happy days
  • Fundraising is fun
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 14 Aug 2023
    Fundraising is fun
    We had a lovely time supporting Exeter Leukaemia Fund at one of their fundraising Cream Teas. We entertained with songs from the Beatles, Queen and Barbie. We ended up at the cake stall for pictures. Now what could be better than that!
  • Exeter Craft Fair: Singing in the rain
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 8 Jul 2023
    Exeter Craft Fair: Singing in the rain
    What a lovely afternoon singing at the Exeter Craft Fair.

    There was a large crowd around to listen to us and we were so happy singing together in the open air. We managed to avoid the worst of the rain and it turned out to be a truly enjoyable afternoon for everyone.

    We'll be back next year!
  • Elf Cream Tea for Volunteers
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 1 Jun 2023
    Elf Cream Tea for Volunteers
    We were thrilled to be invited along to Exeter Leukaemia fund's (ELF) annual volunteer day. Over 50 volunteers came along, some with over 50 year's experience.

    The four of us (Di, Lyn, Julia and Helen) sang "With a little help from my friends" by the Beatles and "Can you feel the love tonight" from the Lion King by Elton John. It was Julia's (in yellow) first time singing in a quartet; she was great.

    ELF is such an important charity to support for us as a number of our members have benefitted from their support over the years.

  • A Eurovision Moment for Ukraine
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 14 May 2023
    A Eurovision Moment for Ukraine
    What a wonderful lunchtime we had on Saturday; the day of Eurovision.

    We sang along with children from the local St Leonards Primary School and the Pauline Quirk Academy at the Roual Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery in Exeter.

    Everyone dressed in Ukraine colours and a wonderful audience of over 100 people of all ages enjoying the music and singing. Weren't we lucky with the weather?

  • Last minute rehearsal for RAMM lunchtime special
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 14 May 2023
    Last minute rehearsal for RAMM lunchtime special
    We so enjoyed ourselves at our last minute rehearsal. This was preparing for the lunchtime singalong at the RAMM museum in Exeter. We loved the yellow and blue t shirts. it really got us in the mood singing the Beatles number "With a little help from my friends".
  • Getting into Coronation Mood
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 8 May 2023
    Getting into Coronation Mood
    We got into the mood of the coronation and had a lovely evening singing. We loved the look of red white and blue. We should get dressed up more often.
  • Harmony College 2023
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 4 May 2023
    Harmony College 2023
    Twelve of the chorus went along to Harmony College last weekend. What a wonderful weekend of harmony singing, friendship and fun. From quartet singing, to pub quizzes and mass singing; there was never a dull moment. Another lovely time with River City Chorus. 
  • Devon Performing Arts Festival
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 18 Mar 2023
    Devon Performing Arts Festival
    River City Chorus Exeter was delighted to take part in the annual Devon Performing Arts Festival which took place on the 18th March. As ever, it was a wonderful festival of young people taking part in the speech and drama section, musicians playing instruments and keyboards, and singers singing songs from the shows, classical pieces, modern songs and many other genres.

    River City Chorus has been together for 30 years and sings A Cappella in four part harmony. We sing a wide range from songs including Queen, Lady Gaga and Megan Trainor. We're always looking for new members, so please feel free to come along. Just contact us first at
  • Carols at Christmas in Tescos
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 18 Dec 2022
    Carols at Christmas in Tescos
    It was the last of our Christmas singing today and what a joyful event it was.

    Tesco had kindly let us sing at their major store in Exeter despite how busy they were. We were collecting for the Exeter Leukaemia Fund; a wonderful local charity.

    Thank you to so many of the public who gave so generously today. With songs ranging from traditional carols such as Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Christmas songs such as White Christmas, to those loved by children such as Jingle Bells. It was a pleasure to see so many happy faces singing along. 

    After Christmas we'll be concentrating on our general repertoire as we prepare for competing in the Devon Performing Arts Festival as well as singing in a number of public performances.

    Merry Christmas to one and all.
  • Convention in Bournemouth
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 6 Nov 2022
    Convention in Bournemouth
    We've just returned from the annual ladies barbershop convention in Bournemouth.

    The photo shows us in full flow as we sang our hearts out with renditions of "A night like this" by Caro Emerald followed by "After you've gone" by Henry Creamer and Turner Layton. We sang our hearts and all felt happy with our perfromance; what a team!

    The weeked was a wonderful opportunity to hear the best barbershop choruses in the country as well as spend time with each other and join in any singing that we could!

    What a wonderful time we had.

  • Off to convention
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 28 Oct 2022
    Off to convention

    Yes it's convention time!

    We're heading off to Bournemouth along with 30 other choruses from around the UK. 

    The competition will be intense, the singing will be wonderful and the entertainment will delight.

    Looking forward to a fabulous weekend!

  • A day's rehearsal with the Wonderful Jo Thorn
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 25 Sep 2022
    A day's rehearsal with the Wonderful Jo Thorn
    Jo Thorn, our wonderful coach, who leads Fascinating Rhythm chorus from Gloucestershire, spent the day with us on Saturday. It was a full day rehearsal in preparation for the national competition of ladies barbershop choruses which takes place in Bournemouth at the end of October. Jo has an amazing ability to find ways which enable us to improve the quality of our singing and unlock our potential. What a fabulous day!

    Thank you Jo
  • 30 years and still going strong!
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 27 Aug 2022
    30 years and still going strong!
    What a lovely time we had at our annual tea party. A sunny day, delicious cream tea, wonderful company and, of course, fabulous singing. We were celebrating 30 years as a chorus and are as happy together as we ever have been. We are so lucky to belong to such a wonderful singing group.
  • welcome to our new members
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 19 Aug 2022
    welcome to our new members
    We took a few minutes out of our busy rehearsal schedule on Monday evening to formally welcome the group of singers who have successfully become members of River City Chorus and presented them with their official LABBS badges and certificates.

    River City Chorus is a member of the Ladies Assiciation of Barbershop singer in the UK; a wonderful organisation which provides so much support for member choruses.

    With five new members this year so far, we are back at our "pre-Covid" numbers and feel as if we are going from strength to strength.
  • Sisters are doing it for themselves
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 19 Aug 2022
    Sisters are doing it for themselves
    We were delighted to present our two newest members with their River City Chorus certificates.

    Sisters janet and Antonina have been singing for many years; Janet is a Baritone and Antonina sings bass. What lovely, rich  voices they have. We are so lucky that they have decided to join us.
  • Singing at the South West MS summer cream tea
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 9 Aug 2022
    Singing at the South West MS summer cream tea
    We were delighted to be asked to sing at the local MS centre in Clyst Heath, Exeter. The South West MS group provide invaluable support for people living with MS as well as their families. Support includes subsidised therapies, advice, social contact and emotional support.

    Saturday was a glorious summer day and  was attended by 70 people making the most of the weather, food and entertainment. 

    A happy day.

  • Pinhoe Family Fun Day
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 17 Jul 2022
    Pinhoe Family Fun Day
    With temperatures reaching the high 20's, Exeter based River City Chorus managed to find a lovely spot of shade to warm up their voices in preparation for their singout at the Pinhoe Family Funday at America Hall yesterday. 
  • Wedding celebrations
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 20 Jun 2022
    Wedding celebrations
    With almost perfect weather, and an end to all covid restrictions for their celebration, our fabulous lead singer, Charlotte married her long term partner, Carl on Saturday. The festivities included the traditional cuting of the cake which they seem to have mastered in style! We send our love and best wishes for them in their future married life.
  • Coaching is fun
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 19 Apr 2022
    Coaching is fun
    We are so lucky to have been able to persuade Jo Thorn from the Fascinating Rhythm Chorus in South Gloucestershire to come along and coach us every 6 weeks or so throughout the year.

    Fascinating Rhythm are top of the league in A cappela singing and Jo was able to give us some insights into how to improve the quality of our singing and perfromance on her first night with us. 

    The atmosphere was electric and we are looking forward to working with her in the future
  • National Barbershop Day
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 11 Apr 2022
    National Barbershop Day
    Monday was National Quartet Day and 4 members of River City Chorus from Exeter were out in force to record a song and celebrate the day. Here’s Helen Joy, Di Bibey, Maggie Heal and Judith Taylor after their rehearsal.

    They were interviewed live on BBC Devon's morning radio show and were up at the crack of dawn to get together for their live singing: a first for them all!

  • Devon Performing Arts Festival
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 19 Mar 2022
    Devon Performing Arts Festival
    River City Chorus, the Exeter Based ladies Acappella group were thrilled with the results from the annual Devon Performing Arts Festival. They won all 3 classes which they entered: Small choir, Ladies choir and Female Barbershop chorus gaining two Distinctions and one Honours.

    This was the first competition the chorus had entered since the lockdown and was a tremendous boost as rehearsing over zoom and only in groups of six for such a long time had been a challenge. The chorus are looking forward to getting back to normal and enjoying their singing together in 2022.
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