Musical Director


A new Musical Director for Rivercity Chorus

Let me introduce you to our amazing new MD, Cathy Hamzelou. 

Cathy has been singing in the lead section with the chorus for about eight years and very quickly became section leader. Her musical talent for teaching and arranging songs soon became apparent and when an assistant musical director was needed, she ticked all the boxes and rose up to the plate. When the position of MD became vacant she was approached and thankfully for us accepted the position.

Passionate about music, this lovely lady is also an avid crafter. You name it, she can make it. From knitting, sewing, making soft toys to bags to contain chalk for rock climbers! Besides all of this she finds time to cycle, arrange songs for the chorus and play her beloved violin. She started teaching the violin, yes TEACHING, at the tender age of twelve, so we feel very lucky to have her now as our new MD.

She’s played in many orchestras but her claim to fame was playing at the top of the world’s tallest building in Dubai, for an advertisement for Dubai’s iconic Downtown Mall, which houses the Burj Khalifa tower, whilst the film crew soared around the building, filming from the sheik of Dubai’s private helicopter!

When I asked Cathy what she wished to achieve with the chorus, her answer was very determined and clear.  She would like to make practices fun and enhance members’ confidence, to use their skills for the benefit of the chorus.  She also wants to compete and do well in local competitions and to introduce different songs to refresh the repertoire. All sorts of music. She sees this as an adventure, a journey and an important support system for women who love to sing. 

Cathy is such a capable, kind, talented, fun loving lady and the chorus is beyond excited as to where this union will take us. It is definitely a new era and we are all unanimously behind her, wishing her all the luck in the world for taking on the challenge.

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